Shawna Patterson-Stephens presents at American Educational Research Association

Shawna Patterson-Stephens, Director of the Davis Center, co-presented Black women senior scholars on mentoring: How race and gender shape mentoring motivations, benefits, and processes and Resistance and resilience: Understanding the experiences of Black women in doctoral education at the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference.  The first study examined mentoring experiences of Black women senior scholars who served as mentors in an early career professional development program. Preliminary findings highlighted the role intersectionality (i.e., race and gender) plays in shaping motivations for mentoring, benefits of mentoring, and the dimensions of their mentoring process.  The second study provides insight on the experiences of 82 Black women in doctoral education in the U.S. and reveals how Black doctoral women resist forms of domination and oppression in the academy and persist through enacting a number of strategies.