Meet the SSP Tutors

Our SSP Tutors and Fellow are current Williams students who will be your mentors and will provide help and guidance during your time here! If you have any questions (about the course work, material, college life, etc), comments, or concerns, be sure to contact your friendly SSP tutors!

Megan Groomes ’24 (Senior Tutor)

Megan Megan

Hello my name is Megan Groomes (She/ her/ hers), and I am a rising junior from Georgia. I am deeply involved in Sisterhood which is an affinity group for black identifying women and I love my job at the library. I am an Environmental Studies major and I also enjoy art studio and geoscience. In my free time, I enjoy playing the Sims and listening to music. This is now my second time participating as a tutor for SSP, so I am ready for a lot more fun after a little more preparation. I am so excited to become a friend and a resource to all of you as you begin your college experience, and I look forward to SSP 2022!

Bekah Lindsay ’25


Hi! My name is Bekah Lindsay (she/her/hers), and I am a rising sophomore. You could say I’m from a little bit of everywhere in the US as I’ve lived on both coasts and in five states (most recently Washington), but Williamstown feels like home more and more each day. I am a prospective statistics and environmental studies double major with an interest in all things food systems. Currently, I am involved in CLIA’s Food Justice Outreach and next year’s co-president of WRAPS (Williams Recovery of All Perishable Surplus), where we package and deliver leftover food from the dining hall to community members in need of extra support. Additionally, I’m an EcoAdvisor at the Zilkha Center focusing on outreach with the community gardens. When I’m not spending time on extracurriculars, you can usually find me adventuring up Stone Hill or grabbing a coffee and a bagel at Goodrich. SSP truly helped me find myself here at Williams, and I can’t wait to welcome you all to this amazing community and serve as a friend and mentor as you begin your college journey!

Bishesh Subba ’25


Hi, my name is Bishesh Subba (he/him/his), and I am a rising sophomore from New Jersey. I was born in Nepal and moved to the US when I was 10 years old, upon which I called Brooklyn, NY home for eight years. Here at Williams, I am a prospective chemistry, economics double major on the pre-med track, a board member for both the South Asian Student Association and Hindu Student Association, and a letter writer for Peer Health.  I also mentor for Educational Opportunities for Success, a local community outreach program where we offer support to middle and high school students from Pittsfield. Outside of the classroom and extracurriculars, I am usually playing basketball at Lasell Gym or playing League of Legends in Jesup Hall (I’m far from good but that’s besides the point). I can’t wait to meet you all and to help you make a fun and smooth transition into the Williams College community!

Will Huang ’24


Hello, wonderful homo sapiens! In the far far land of Williamstown, there lives a New-York-based homo sapien named Will (he/him/his)-an amateur scientist who thinks distillation is the bane of his existence and that acids and bases are just household names for vinegar and baking soda. To stay relevant, Will engages himself in AASiA (Asian American Students in Action), CASO (Chinese American Student Organization), CSAC (Chemistry Student Advisory Committee), works as a RA in Professor Chris Goh’s lab, and has served as a TA for both Chinese and Chemistry courses. The man really does not know how to relax. In other news, he is incredibly excited to meet the new SSP cohort and to welcome them into the mystical lands of Williams College! Perhaps there is a lot more to learn about this wild homo sapien (and there is!) but really at the end of the day, he just really wants to be a friend and mentor and (hopefully) a source of decent memes.

Below, our SSP Tutors and Fellow for SSP 2021!

Mariela Cadena-Hernandez, ’23

Mariela Mariela

I’m Mariela Cadena Hernandez and I am a first generation college student. I’m from Rhode Island (the smallest state in the country), so not that far from here, just a 3 hour car ride! At Williams, I am part of the Lehman Community Engagement student run club that creates volunteer opportunities for Williams students to engage in the Berkshires community. I am also part of Vista, which creates an inclusive environment for latinx students and allies and I am also so excited to keep being a part of the SSP community and be part of organizing it. In my free time I like to read and discuss the books with a friend and drink lots of coffee! I am so excited that you guys are interested in being a part of SSP that has been a great community for me at Williams! If you have any questions or just want to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Megan Groomes ’24

Hello my name is Megan Groomes (She/ her/ hers), and I am a rising sophomore from Georgia. I am deeply involved in Sisterhood which is an affinity group for black identifying women. I am a prospective environmental studies major and I also enjoy math and geoscience. In my free time I enjoy playing the Sims and listening to music. I am so excited to become a friend and a resource to all of you as you begin your college experience, and I look forward to SSP 2021!

Steven Lee ’24

Steven SSP Tutor Steven

Hi! My name is Steven Lee (he/him/his), and I am a rising sophomore from Queens, New York. I am a prospective sociology major and possible public health concentrator on the pre-medical track. Outside of academics, I am a research assistant in Professor Noah Sandstrom’s lab in the psychology department. I am also a part of the First Year Ambassador Group of Lehman Community Engagement and KOW, Koreans of Williams. I like to take naps (extremely long ones) and chat with my friends in my spare time. I am looking forward to working with you guys and being a resource, friend, and companion for you this summer. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and see you all soon!

Sonia Nyarko ’21 (SSP Fellow)

Sonia Sonia

Greetings! My name is Sonia Nyarko (she/her/hers) and, by the time we’ll meet, I’ll be a Williams graduate from the Class of 2021! I majored in Biology and History and am on the pre-med track. My hometown is Burtonsville, Maryland, but I’ve spent so much time in Williamstown I feel like this is my permanent address! When I wasn’t doing problem sets or writing papers, I served on the boards for Sisterhood, for black womxn, CISA, for undocumented and immigrant students, and OURSTEM+, for minorities in the STEM+ fields. I was also once a Housing Coordinator, a Junior Advisor, and a Community Engagement Fellow for the Davis Center! Community work is kind of my jam. I have lab experience in both biology and chemistry, having worked for Professor Swoap and Professor Park, respectively, over a few summers. When I’m not spending time on my extracurriculars, I love going to brunch with my friends, playing Uno and Monopoly, and going on mini-adventures within the Berkshires and Massachusetts! I am beyond excited to welcome you to Williams this summer and to serve as a mentor, resource, and friend to you at the start of your college journey. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to drop me an email. Can’t wait to meet you all in June!