Meet the SSP Faculty and Staff

Professor Christopher Goh (Director of SSP)

Welcome! I am a member of the Chemistry Department and have been involved with SSP as a mentor to research students and more recently as Director. I look forward to teaching the chemistry class in this year’s SSP and to working with the Tutors to organize the activities that introduce you to campus and create the SSP community. My research interests broadly center around the role of metals and have included work on mimicking metal-containing active sites of enzymes, on the design of homogeneous metal catalysts and more recently, on polymers for removing heavy metals from the environment. Outside the world of molecules, I served as a Faculty Fellow of the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Davis Center for 5 years (2016-2021).

Professor Matt Carter

Matt Carter is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department and a member of the Neuroscience Program. At Williams, he teaches courses in physiology, neuroscience, and the science of sleep. His research lab uses mice to study how the brain regulates innate behaviors including sleep and food intake. Matt loves working with students in and out of the classroom, especially in his lab, and can’t wait to welcome a new group of SSP students to Williams. An avid movie buff, Matt lives in Williamstown with his wife and three children.

Professor Cassandra Cleghorn

Cassandra Cleghorn, Professor of English and American Studies, teaches the English writing section of SSP. Professor Cleghorn (or Cassandra) is a poet and editor, as well as teacher of creative writing, expository writing, and interdisciplinary courses in U.S. history and culture. She has taught in the SSP program since 2012, and it is her favorite opportunity for teaching and mentoring at Williams. This year, in the new, online version of SSP, she will be working with Professors Stoiciu, Goh and Gehring to explore the intersections of science and literature.

Professor Amy Gehring

Amy Gehring is a Professor in the Chemistry Department.  She is also a member of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Public Health interdisciplinary programs.  During the academic year, she teaches courses in general chemistry, biochemistry and enzymology.  She also enjoys pursuing biochemistry research projects with students.  Please click on the video link to learn more!

Professor Sarah Goh

Greetings New Ephs! My name is Sarah Goh. I’m a Professor in the Department of Chemistry. I’ve been at Williams since 2004. I teach courses in general, organic, polymer, and physical organic chemistry. My research focuses on self-assembly of polymeric systems for biological applications (e.g. drug delivery, antibacterial materials). My favorite part of SSP is getting to know everyone, and then seeing and supporting students in future courses. Although this is my second year teaching in the Summer Science Program, I have worked with SSP students in the classroom and my lab throughout my time at Williams. I look forward to meeting you!

Professor Lori Pedersen

Lori Pedersen is in the Math/Stat Department.  She started working at Williams twelve years ago and this will be her fourth summer doing SSP.  Recently, she has taught Calculus I, Calculus II, and Discrete Mathematics. In her free time, Lori likes walking and quilting.

Professor Mihai Stoiciu

Mihai Stoiciu is a Professor of Mathematics at Williams College. He has been teaching Mathematics in the Summer Science Program since 2014. At Williams Mihai Stoiciu teaches classes at all levels, from Calculus and Linear Algebra to Functional Analysis and Random Matrix Theory. His research is in Mathematical Physics and he is interested in mathematical questions related to Quantum Mechanics. In his free time, Mihai Stoiciu enjoys hiking in the mountains and solving mathematical puzzles.