Olmsted - President's Call for Nominations

To the Class of 2019,

Did you have a high school teacher who made a big difference in your life? Someone whose teaching inspired you and whose dedication helped you on your path? If so, I invite you to nominate them for the college’s 2019 Olmsted Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching.

Every year Williams honors several teachers by bringing them to campus during Commencement weekend and presenting them with the Olmsted award, plus a $3,000 individual prize and an additional $5,000 for their school. The recipients are celebrated at a special dinner and during Ivy Exercises.

Recipients report being incredibly honored by this tribute from their former students, and say the experience was among the most memorable in their careers. It’s also a great chance for Williams to honor teachers and teaching by publicly thanking some of the many devoted people who helped you and your fellow students get here.

I invite every senior to nominate a teacher who had a profound impact on your life. You’ll find all the necessary information—including guidelines and a nomination form—on the Olmsted website.

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, January 6, 2019. Please take this opportunity to participate in one of Williams’ most wonderful traditions.