February 1 is Claiming Williams Day: Stand With Us Now

On February 1, 2018 Claiming Williams Day will invite the college community to Stand with Us Now — to come together to consider ways to support each other across the differences — racial, religious, national origin, gender, political, ethnic, economic, etc. — that strengthen the community.

Throughout the day, there will be discussions and activities engaging all community stakeholders centered around: How (and why) are intolerance, hatred, and bigotry issues that affect all of us? How do politics shape the ways we relate to each other at Williams? How can we exercise self-care and remain engaged in the face of division? What resources and changes are needed to ensure that we have a safe campus – and what does a safe campus look like? How can we bridge our differences? What are YOU doing to take a stand?

The two keynote speakers for the day are Julissa Arce, author and immigration rights activist, who will deliver a late morning presentation, and author Janet Mock will take part in a public interview and moderated discussion.

The full schedule is here.