Know Your Academic Unit and Your Field

As you embark on faculty recruitment, an assessment of your academic unit and your field can be helpful.

The following links can provide some sense of the Ph.D.s in your general field going to people of color and/or women, as well as which institutions are granting degrees to people of color.

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As you define your position and compose your job ad, are there subfields that could be included that would indicate an interest in building an inclusive curriculum and that might contribute to diversifying your pool of candidates?

What is the racial/ethnic and gender composition of your own department or program? When, were, and how have you had successes in building a diverse and inclusive academic unit? When, were, and how have you had challenges? How might you address those challenges in moving forward?

If recruiting a woman candidate and/or candidate of color feels like a long shot, just remember it only takes one exceptional candidate and one exceptional recruitment effort!