In previous years, Voices! was one of the first community events for incoming Williams College first years. The entire cohort would file into a large theater capable of holding the group and would listen to a variety of stories told by Williams sophomores, juniors and seniors. These stories would help give context to the academic environment, as well as help prepare first years for many different challenges that might be encountered. There were laughs, there were tears, and a little bit of everything in between. Obviously, this year is different. To provide First Years with the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of others through the Voices program, while also ensuring the health of our community during Covid-19-- We welcome you to Virtual Voices 2020! Make sure to check out each of the submissions. You'll encounter the diversity of individuals and experiences, expressing themselves in a variety of ways-- a small sample of the richness and depth of the Williams College community. The Davis Center team looks forward to getting to know you. Enjoy and best wishes! Do your best, be kind, and don't forget that there's a legion of caring staff, faculty, and students here for you.



Papa Freduah Anderson

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Elisar El-Gaouny

Fiona Keller

Adrienne Joe

Ruth Kramer

Dominic Madera

Lili Massac

Lara Lee Mientjes

Sonia Nyarko

Shiara Pyrrhus

Maria Roman

Jiwon Sung

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