Dively Committee Co-Funding Requests

The Dively Committee’s endowed funds are devoted to on-campus events that focus broadly on gender and sexuality, with a special emphasis on queer culture. The Dively Committee welcomes proposals that address issues of broad community interest and engage the entire campus, including students, staff, and faculty. Funds are thus rarely available for individual projects, but will be considered on an occasional basis at the discretion of the committee if they contribute to queer life.  Funds are not available for individual or group travel. Any faculty, staff, student, or student organization can request funding from the Dively Committee.  Successful proposals engage the entire campus community and often include a combination of lectures, workshops, performances, or events, with class visits, meetings, and meals with students, staff, and faculty. Proposals must also demonstrate an attempt to raise funds from a diverse set of groups on campus (ideally 3-6) who can collaboratively fund, support, and advertise your event. The Dively Committee rarely funds more than 50% or more than $1000 (whichever amount is lower) for any single event. Most proposals are awarded between $100 and $1000, higher contributions may be requested, but will be decided at the discretion of the committee. For more information on additional resources, contact the Davis Center and the Office of Student Life.

Follow-up Report: No later than 1 week after the event, organizers must send a brief report (of no more than 1 page) to the Dively Committee chair.  The report should include:

  • summary of the event

  • number of people in attendance (rough estimate)

  • impact of the event on the Williams community

For more information: Contact the chair of the Dively Committee for 2023-2024: Aly W. Corey