While the campus isn’t quite as full as it is during the academic year, there are currently over 500 scholars on campus currently.  The Davis Center, while in the midst of planning for the 2021-2022 year, is providing some services and opportunities during the summer.

  • All three buildings are open, by swipe access, to all students between 9a.m. and 6 p.m. M-F and can be accessed at other times with assistance from the Davis Center team.
    • In the Jenness House:
      • Kitchenette:
        • Fresh fruit, healthy snacks, international treats including: plantain chips, seaweed snacks, apple sauce, peanut butter, chinchin, and hummus (and ice pops)
        • top of the line water filter system
        • Keurig machine
        • Microwave
      • A large living room with space for gaming events or movies
        • very large TV with amazing sound system
          • HBOmax, Peacock (INCLUDING OLYMPIC COVERAGE!), Hulu, Netflix included!
          • easy connection for gaming systems
        • board games, craft supplies
      • quick WIFI
      • A large meeting room
      • With special arrangements, smaller offices for studying or virtual meetings
      • A lovely, breezy porch with places to sit and relax or enjoy a meal with a few friends.
    • The Rice House:
      • LARGE, properly apportioned kitchen with full-sized cooking equipment–ample space for group cooking
      • Many rooms of various sizes
    • The Hardy House
      • Smaller living room & study spaces, great dining room table
      • Smaller, but fully stocked kitchen

Beyond the physical offerings, the Davis Center will also be hosting a few meet-and-greet(and eat) opportunities in the next few weeks and more!

Follow the DC on Instagram or subscribe to the MinCo listserve for day-to-day notifications of events as well as to find out when the DC has replenished the fruit and snack stocks.


PLEASE feel free to write Director Hayes or Coordinator Montoya-Barnes to learn more about how to access the buildings during off hours, make special snack/fruit requests, suggest event ideas, and more!

Thanks, all!