Community Engagement Fellows

The DC Community Engagement Fellows are a Davis Center-trained, peer-to-peer diversity education and mentoring group. Trained extensively by the Davis Center team,  Community Engagement Fellows work closely with the DC team and are part of the Davis Center’s effort to provide education for the campus on issues of identity, power, and privilege in order to build a more inclusive community. Community Engagement Fellows co-facilitate workshops, hold office hours, form partnerships across campus, and work on independent capstone projects. For more information on this program, see the Fellowship Description.   DC CEF’s are available to co-facilitate workshops on issues of identity, power, and privilege for groups at Williams. CEF’s also hold office hours to talk with individuals or small groups. CEF’s are available to talk to your entry, team, student organization, neighborhood, dorm, or other group. In the past, students have requested office hours with a CEF, to discuss:

  • Friends or a group is experiencing tension because of issues around race/ethnicity.
  • Someone’s friend sent them an inappropriate and discriminatory meme, and they want to know how to talk to their friend about this issue.
  • Students want their student group or organization to be more inclusive so that members stop dropping out of the group from social discomfort.
  • Someone is struggling with coming out to their friends.
  • And many more !

These workshops and discussions are not intended to take the place of conflict resolution in fraught spaces. Please contact the DC staff in these situations.