DC Co-Sponsored Events

The Davis Center welcomes the opportunity to partner with students, staff, faculty, academic units, student groups, and others to co-sponsor events for the benefit of Williams communities and our broader communities. We support programming on racial and social justice, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, social identities broadly defined, and their myriad intersectionalities, as well as their reflection and expressions in community and social organizing, and in the arts and cultural programming.
Our goal is to make the principal concepts explored in DC sponsored programs and events accessible to wider audiences, fulfilling the DC’s commitment to broadening dialog about important issues and to sparking enduring conversations. In describing your event or program, please articulate its purpose and mission, key partners/sponsoring units, intended audiences, and thoughts on how you might share the experiences or outcomes more broadly. Prior to your event, we ask that you provide us with publicity information or fliers, so that we may help spread the word. Following your event, within seven business days, we ask that you provide a brief paragraph summarizing your event and its impacts, which might be shared in the DC Newsletter or on the DC website.
Please note that decisions about funding and funding amounts are at the discretion of the Davis Center. Please note that we generally fund no more than one-third of the total amount for an event, and that there may be caps for each event in a given year, as well as an overall cap in expenditures that may be depleted.
Please complete the Request for DC Co-Sponsorship form, attaching a complete budget(including other sources of funding), as well as any additional supplemental materials.