Let's Party Hardy! Let the building stage begin!

The Hardy House is steeped in history and is worthy of celebrating and honoring.  Please consider joining the DC and Building teams to not only honor the Hardy House–which is having to come down (it can’t be made accessible) and will be replaced with a beautiful new space that can better accommodate the size and needs of our many awesome MinCo groups!

We are getting a beautiful spread of hors d’evours inspired by the multi-cultural history of the building and the Davis Center in general.  The DC and building team will be there.

It will be on Morley Drive from 5pm-7pm!  Swing by for a few minutes or stay for the whole time–we just know the celebration won’t be complete without you!  Faculty, staff, students and campus partners: please come, you’re welcome!!

(PS: if you’re fasting for Ramadan or can’t eat at that time for another reason, we’ll make sure there are some to-go boxes so you can take yours for later!)