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Board Meeting Minutes 11.9.09

1. Homecoming Food Tuesday turn in forms for reimbursement (MinCo) from cooking and grill Gary will get in touch with VISTA about tailgating-sharing Complementary food, perhaps carne asada, but definitely not Korean beef tacos Greg get Gary the Korean beef quota Subgroup reps figure out what each subgroup… Continue reading »

Lunch Forum with Professor Crane

Join us on Friday, November 6 for a lunch forum with Professor Sam Crane from the Political Science department discussing U.S.-China relations and Obama’s upcoming trip to Beijing. 11:45am-1pm, grab lunch and come by whenever and for as long as you can. Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 11.2.09

1. Furniture for AASiA office Tell Marcela what to take out, what to bring in Move computer desk into corner Donate non-AASiA books to libraries Get more chairs (3 folding chairs, 1 real chair) from chair barn Get a normal meeting table that seats about 8… Continue reading »

Game Night

Come chill with AASiA on Friday, October 30 in the basement of Paresky from 6-8pm. Rock Band, poker, ping pong and more!… Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 10.26.09

1. MinCo rep KOW try Sungik Yang (Greg) 2. Game Night Gary talked to Chris about space, can use it (1) when space is not in general use, or (2) when space is in use, but we pay them. This Friday, 6-8pm. Free dinner, get more… Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 10.19.09

1. AASiA Reception Recap Lower-than-expected turnout Speeches started late Only CASO sent non-board members there KOW and SASA lacked representation SASA quarterly event – takes precedence over anything else Co-chairs sent out an email with a video, renewing emphasis on academic commitment Block out social obligations Co-chairs orchestrated… Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 10.12.09

1. SASA rep! Farhan Gilani Tell SASA about AASiA reception Get RSVP counts back for reception (Farhan), anticipate 17, apparently. Weekly attendance (dinner mtg)(2hrs) – 42 people As compared to CASO (12-15 for general mtg), KOW (12-20 people) Farhan tell SASA that AASiA office is open for its… Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 10.5.09

1. AASiA Reception- current venue: October 18, Griffin 3: 2-4pm Have confirmation from Um Food from Lickety Split Requested RSVP from all AASiA and subgroup members (deadline Sunday midnight) Printed invitation (thank-you’s) Further people to invite from Justin 2. Reasons to meet in office: Discussions of use… Continue reading »

Board Meeting Minutes 9.28.09

1. AASiA Brunch- October 18 (Sun) noon 2-4pm Seohee will see if we can pick up the food (~$300) on the 16th Or Greylock at 12 (noon) – Susan Or we could make finger food Goodrich from 1-5 Makisha – recontact Um Susan and Gary will invite… Continue reading »