Chinese American Student Organization

The Chinese American Student Organization is an AASIA subgroup working to promote Asian American awareness.  We are a forum of students interested in Chinese culture.  Throughout the year, we coordinate events for the student body such as, but not limited to, karaoke nights, movie marathons, Moon Festival, Spring Dinner, and… Continue reading »

CASO Board 2011-2012

Co-Chairs: Frank Zheng ’14 and Melinda Wang ’14 Treasurer: Catherine Pang ’14 Secretary: Karen He ’15 MinCo Representative: Jennifer Chan ’14 Administrative PR: Meredith Yang ’14 Artistic PR: Shirl Yang ’13 Social Chair: Lucky Zhang ’14 Historian: Fiona Dang ’15  … Continue reading »

CASO Board 2009-2010

Co-Chairs: Tasha Chu and Lily Wong Secretary: Seohee Park Treasurer: Larua Dos Reis/Danny Guo PR Rep: Rebecca Chung/Shirl Yang Historian: Nancy Dong/Haotian Xu AASiA Rep: Cecilia Ho MinCo Rep: Yiqin Jiang… Continue reading »