LADO (Liberal Arts Diversity Officers)

Mission Statement

Our consortium of liberal arts diversity officers (LADO) is dedicated to facilitating systematic and systemic change to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, in support of academic excellence and learning across all constituencies, at colleges and universities with a core commitment to liberal arts education.  We aim to work together to address the unique challenges and opportunities in liberal arts communities around issues of diversity and equity, in recognition of the significant potential of liberal arts graduates and institutions to engage in research and service that will contribute to transforming society.

Priorities and Aims

LADO offers an opportunity for the CDOs working in liberal arts settings to collaborate actively and learn from one another, as well as to provide leadership in implementing and publicizing effective diversity strategies in higher education.

The emphasis of liberal arts education on student-centered learning, and the focus on the relationship between faculty, students, and staff, has allowed liberal arts colleges to 
develop innovative diversity models and programs, as well as pedagogical strategies. 

Although private liberal arts colleges (and smaller liberal arts universities) represent small percentages of the nation’s graduates, our more than 200 institutions produce graduates with disproportionate representation in leading private, corporate, and public companies and institutions.  Additionally, our institutions are some of the most sought after by high school graduates and are therefore frequently in the public eye.  As a result, our commitments to diversity and equity have a high profile nationally and often herald broader institutional change throughout higher education